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Friday, 25 March 2011

Time will heal times wounds. French proverb

 caption: "My metal throat speaks every tongue"

Hello folks how you doing?
enjoying the spring like weather here in the Uk?
This is an illustration from  book called Time
by Francois Le Lionnais.
 bought yesterday for £1.75p  from a second hand bookstore.
It fascinated me I love all, well most of the images and there are some great quotes.
Thought I'd share a few of the images.


  I love this one! "Puffa  goddess of time and eternity, seated on a lotus and surmounted by the sun"

This is from the 13th century from a treatise on astrology  written in Arabic with a Persian artist. 
left: Scorpio passing into the sign of Jupiter. Right the sun holding the glittering floral orb around his head.

Sue Roddis might like this one.
"The resurrection of the body" by Lucas Signorelli (1441-1523)

I don't think I'll be reading the book from cover to cover but will certainly be dipping in!
I intended to buy books for ripping and tearing but this one will be staying intact...
could possibly be scanned though! :))

tc Sue xx


Aquarius said...

Thanks for sharing some of the items from your lucky book purchase and also for the great photo of the primroses at the top of the blog a very cheerful sight on this beautiful sunny day.

Susan Allan said...

Hi Suzi
Have the most fantastic birthday tomorrow. Lunch and antiques sounds just perfect!
The weight thing can be so depressing.
I tell to do something or I'll just keep on getting bigger...that I don't want.
Like in Charlie and the Chocolate factory when the girl blew up into a blackberry or something.

Now, I will go back and study your post for today. It all looks amazing.

Thanks for your sweet comment.
sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Susan Allan said...

Do you think 'Puffa, the goddess puffs up like we do. Maybe she is the god of the overweight.
An amazing find for such a small amount of dosh. Well found!
Sue xx

Sarah Anderson said...

What a fab book! And what a great price!!! Wishing you lots of birthday happiness :)

Papillon said...

What an interesting find!
Happy Birthday wishes from me too!
Hope you have/had a great day.
Chris xx

Sue said...

Well.....I like all of them....think you should give me the book!!!! Only kidding!! LOL