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Monday, 14 March 2011


I wasn't happy with the" make your own" card from the other day. I kept looking and looking wondering what it was that was unsettling... lol if a card can "unsettle". 

 I think it was the position of the image... so off it came ..whew!  then repositioned,  added a few bits and bobs. I didn't take the lace off, that would've caused too much damage .. so could only slightly reposition the image. I feel a bit happier about it now...
Honestly you'd think it was life and death...chuckle, chuckle

tc Sue xx


Susan Allan said...

I can see you have moved it a little bit. I liked the other one , but this one has more depth and another button.
It is life and death.
If it wasn't right, you wouldn't sleep.
Sue xx

Aquarius said...

We are always our own worst critics - I liked the original and also like the 'new and improved' one too with the little extras which have balanced it.

Caroline Hallett said...

I think on balance that the second one is a little more balanced, but they were both great cards x

Anonymous said...

Oh i love all the detail in this its gorgeous
Hugs June xxx

Sandra Berlinski said...

Wow I love your work - I am a follower.