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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Glory of the Snow

 I have been stuck at home for the last 9 days with this brute of a cough.. didn't want to share it with any one (you don't wont it!) but I do feel as if things are improving...yeh!!
Hope I haven't spoken too soon.
 The weather forecast for yesterday was ... sunny.
Joe suggested we went out for the afternoon... drive a bit, walk a bit, etc etc. so we visited some of our favourite places near where Joe lives in North Wales.
I thought I'd share some of the photos I took along the way.
The gorgeous tiny blue flower is growing on the side of the Llangollen canal. Joe spotted it earlier in the week and wanted me to see it.
Neither of us were familiar with it .
Joe looked it up and
ts called, Chionodora... or as I prefer .. Glory of the snow... great name.

I love bridges... particularly old stone ones but I love the arches in this viaduct near a leisure park called Ty Mawr (Big House)

this is a favourite photo of an old bridge taken some years ago ... unfortunately can't remember where it is! I know it's in North Wales, some where off the A70 near a mill. I've looked and looked but have never found it again :(

How about this fine fellow! look at his wonderful colours!

A very speckled hen...  not a decent picture but you get the idea.

Bunny Love .. they're called Jack and Jill

 These famous gates are at Chirk Castle

and the not so famous lamp? I particularly like the shadows on the stone wall. You can just see some of the stone of the castle behind

This guy was flying!? in someones garden in an area which is a favourite for hand gliders. 
It was difficult to get a good shot.. unless we trespassed :))

  I had a lovely afternoon, it got me out of the house! and I didn't infect any one!! :))

tc Sue xx


Aquarius said...

I'm so glad you are starting to feel a bit better and I'm sure the outing in the sunshine will have done you nothing but good. thanks for sharing those lovely photographs - spring is definitely on the way.

Susan Allan said...

Seems you may be on the mend, I hope so...what a wonderful day out. I love the well-dressed hen and the ornamental gates. I have been there and would love to go to Chirk again.
Thanks, Suzi for sharing your photographs.
Sue xx

Susan Allan said...

It won't be long now before we are able to see once more that magnificent spread of bluebells as in your header picture.,
Sue xx

Leesia said...

Left a smart alec remark yesterday but it didn't translate and is somewhere lost in the midst of internet world!!

Suzi B said...

Mmmm now I'm curious Lees...

Leesia said...

Only in so far as I wanted to correct your spelling!! :)