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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Work in progress

This is the latest page in my art journal it's the opposite page to the Secret Garden. Not quite sure what to do next ... text..colour?...

Have friends coming round tomorrow evening for drinks and a meal... plus a lot of catch up talk... might be some wine partaken guessed it... A Girly Night In!!  so.. I'm afraid (whisper).. house work has to be done... No time for journals or any other crafting, which is a shame cos me minds jumping with thoughts and ideas.Isn't it always the way when you don't have time, I'll probably  have crafters block by... maybe Sunday, although I have a workshop with Sarah Anderson on Saturday at the Cubby Hole  .. that should be inspirational... just thought I better watch me wine intake!

This is a close up of the tissue paper technique.. which was shown to me by Suzanne, last Saturday at the Cubby Hole play day.  many thanks ... Sue.
I like the crinkly bit of texture that shows in some parts

tc xx Sue B xx


Anonymous said...

Hia, the mouse would be good for the SOMEONE SPECIAL card I think please don't forget 70! and the purple one would be great for Aunty Monica

Aquarius said...

Looking good so far - enjoy your weekend and go steady on the wine we wouldn't want any wonky crafting projects would we!!

ScrappySuzanne said...

I like the subtle colours so I think text would be good! Glad I helped with the tissue paper...its simple isnt it? Yes you watch the wine may not be able to get your lines straight :) x

craftimamma said...

I was going to say exactly the same as ScrappySuzanne - about going with the text next on your lovely page. As for the wine intake .............well!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Have a good time!

Lesley Xx