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Friday, 2 July 2010

Craft Stamper Freebie

The backing paper has been in my bits box for some time ... along with many other"bits" (many other boxes! )  I decided to make a card with it using this months free stamp from Craft Stamper magazine. I know its very PINK but I like pink. Actually in "real life" its a bit browny/greeny as well

This card may be winging its way to France as part of a commission for my friend Jeanie... who lives  there. I'll have to weigh it first on Joe's jewellery scales... It might be too heavy!  :-)
(Private joke between me and Jeanie)

tc xx Sue B xx

added 03.07. 2010

It is too heavy  Jeanie would like the cards to weigh no more than 20 grams due to French postage... quite a challenge.

 Here's what I came up with . It weighs 17grams with it's envelope & insert
xx Sue B xx


Jo said...

Great use of that stamp, Sue. You've given it a whole new look with the pink! Isn't it a satisfying feeling to make something that looks this good with bits from the bit box.

Christine B. said...

Love the colouring on this and those flowers look lovely. Your friend will love it.

Christine B. said...

Love the colours on this and the flowers are lovely. Your friend will love it. ChrisB

Aquarius said...

Great use of the free stamp - it's a good one this time and I'm planning to use mine later today hopefully. Been too busy in the garden just lately!!

Wali ap Hugh said...

I've just made a quick calculation, that if this card was pure 24ct gold and 15 grammes it would be worth £378 at todays' gold price ... I wonder if we could fool Jean if we were to gold leaf it :o)

"this time next year.... "


craftimamma said...

Phew, only 17 grams?!? I doubt any of my cards would make it over the Channel then! You did make a lovely one though Sue. Well done and I loved the first idea too.

Lesley Xx