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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Steampunk Debutante update

Some quick photos to show you what I'm up to in my SPJ.. I love this theme... 

These three shots show the front and back of the journal. I didn't know how to fasten the lace at the back.  I didn't want to use any thing modern ( lol you know what I mean, Velcro or such like) I came up with using this dragon fly embellishment bought in Chester at the indoor market So now I just thread the lace through the wings. Don't know how long it will hold

Here's some pages in the journal. Some finished some not!

tc xx Sue xx

 My PC does need a new video card .. Joe has installed a temporary one that's not quite right  but at least I'm online! A big thank you to Joe ... you saved my life, well ££££ any way :))


Nigel said...

The journal's looking good. The dragonfly fastener is brilliant, very elegant :)

My journal's sitting there with a pile of stamps waiting to be updated. I'm sure I'll get round to it eventually lol

themessycraftroom said...

Wow I love the pages you have made so far they are stunning. Love the stamps you have used and the colour. I'ts great. Hugs x ChrisB

veronica said...

this looks good - love the colours, it's the nicest bit of steampunk I've seen so far!

Susan Allan said...

I just love that little dragon fly!!

Sue xx