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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Playing with gesso and acrylic paint

I was thinking of the colour splash over at Play Date Cafe and inspired by Sue Allan ( Sue does wonderful art with  natural materials ..Mines nothing like Sue's :) ) when I was playing yesterday, trying to keep things simple. I just sloshed some gesso onto black paper stamped onto it, stamped the butterfly using acrylic paint. Although you can't see them I've stamped little butterflies onto the black card in black ? mmmm :)  Didn't know what to do with it so made it into a card. I quite like the end result ( a friend did, she's taken it! )
Wish I'd roughed up/feathered the edges of the gessoed (? spelling :)  paper, not sure how that could be achieved ... but will have a go another time

tc xx Sue xx


Susan Allan said...

Didn't it turn out well, Sue?

The butterfly looks three-dimensional. Is that right, or is it the way the light strikes it?

To roughen up the edges I sometimes sand with rough sandpaper or punch a lacy border and pull it apart with scissors to make it look frayed.

The gesso on black gives a beautiful greenish tinge. I love it.

Thank you forsaying that I inspired you, I feel very honoured.

Best wishes
Sue xxx

Aquarius said...

Another lovely card and different again - it's fun to play isn't it?

Nigel said...

Nice technique - I might have to 'borrow' it :)