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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Busy time

Gift for grandchildren who get dressed up and do the Halloween thing!

No crafty projects to show you... Lots in me head, some of it not attainable! cos I can't, lol, nothing on paper:). but I have been busy with friends and family...LOVELY!

I've  been shopping with Desi for our friend Jeanie's 60th B/D prezzie, (correct spelling? I'm never sure) can't show you that, she might see it! We are pleased with what we bought even though its not what we had in mind. Bought a couple of  other bits and pieces ... a selection below.

I renewed my membership with  the Graphicus Guild and this is my choice of free stamp sheet. I needed a script stamp and I thought the other images would work well for steam punk and male themes.

 Here are some other  purchases.. 

a little gift for my sister Anne a talented, self taught artist, who through ill heath is at home most of the time.


These are for me!! naughty! 

  I struggle with adequate  light in the MR.. I got this for £14.99 ... bargain!

 and I just love these rubber stamps that arrived with other exciting stuff this morning. First seen on some ones blog, sorry can't remember which one, you know what it's like when blog hopping! I  love the tin! as well as the stamps! I got them  of eBay for £6 .50 another bargain.. tee hee.They are  by Cavallini and sell on Amazon for about £22 can't remember the exact amount.  Cavallini do some gorgeous note books, post cards etc.

Other exciting stuff?
 New camera.. very small easy to carry around... look out for more photos
Vodafone dongle,  for note book!  hooray!
Picked up my daughter and son-in-law from Liverpool airport last night... not me favourite journey!  got to bed at 02.15. I've suggested they fly from Manchester or East Mids next time :)
Finally but most definitely not least a gorgeous, precious gift to me from my daughter Leesia ..

whew! what a long post!
tc xx Sue xx


themessycraftroom said...

Hi Suzi Love your choice of stamps for your renewal. Look forward to seeing how you use them.
Love the verse your daughter sent you. You must be thrilled it's beautiful. x Hugs ChrisB

Aquarius said...

Wow you have been busy with the retail therapy even if you've not managed any crafting. Love that stamp plate for the renewal - I'm trying to make my mind up which to choose too so that could be a contender. Take care. Val W

Wali ap Hugh said...

After flying around the Cosmos without a spaceship and gravity suit for two days, with these damn Mennieres' attacks! it was lovely to see you this afternoon! ... Folks, Sue has more charm at ones' sick bed than all the Nightingales that ever strolled this earth!

By the way, I do admire that photo of the yellow rape seed on your present blog?



Susan Allan said...

I love the gift you have for the grandchildren...Did you make it?

You have also got some nice stamps, there.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Take care!
Sue xx