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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Another commission

Desi requested a card for her son-in-law who will be 40yrs on the same day as her Dad who will be 90yrs (card done.. not displayed) and her grandson David.. see previous post. Desi likes the cards she gives to have the persons name displayed on the front.. I like to please :)

I think my creative thingy:) has done a bunk cos it took me all afternoon to do this card!.. I cuttled some mirri card then tried to colour it with various mediums... but ended up with MUD!  I'm good at mud!! gave up on that even after a trip to utube for help with the technique..

  Not in the mood for listing  inks and stamps used etc.. gosh think I might be sulking! or am I just tired..  think  the card is self explanatory anyway.. If you want to know any thing just ask.. I wont sulk I'll just answer the query nicely :)

nite nite
 Sue xx


Aquarius said...

Please don't sulk - the card turned out OK in the end even if it was hard work LOL!! It happens that way sometimes - that's life.

themessycraftroom said...

Great card, I bet she's thrilled with it. Hugs x ChrisB