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Monday, 24 December 2012

table Centre

Gottya ...Missi eating  the ivy!
Missi denying all knowledge
Me kitchen/ diner ( who there's posh. not!)  looks  a mess, I was just about to clean the floor... Cleaning 15feet of kitcen floor is not my idea of fun... I'm always putting it off but it never actually takes much time and soo much nicer when done.
have fun!
xx Suzi B xx


Livi TeePot said...

Hehe, she's so cute!

Aquarius said...

Good luck with the floor cleaning - rather you than me. Missi looks so innocent just admiring your lovely table centre. Reminds me of some years ago when our cat actually chewed through 5 or 6 long thin candles which were part of our table decorations so that they just drooped instead of standing up as intended in the bowl of greenery.

Sue said...

Get an Eco mop. Never thought doing floors so much fun until I got one. Now my favourite thing in life is doing the kitchen floor. Have a fun day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...
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craftimamma said...

I agree with Val, Missi does look the picture of innocence, lol! Beautiful table centre though and I hope it survives intact until after the festivities. I hate cleaning my kitchen floor with a vengeance. It's ceramic tile and they have a grained surface which is no good mopped as the dirty water just settles into the grooves and makes them look even worse. A proper clean means the old fashioned on the knees with a scrubbing brush. Biggest mistake I made choosing those when the bungalow was built. I hope your's is much easier, lol!

Have a wonderful Christmas Sue!

Lots of love
Lesley Xx