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Friday, 6 January 2012

For Ellie

This card is for my Granddaughter who will be 11yrs old on Sunday. She doesn't blog hop so no fear of her seeing it. I used another Cemerony image from a set of beautiful female images bought from the Cemerony eBay shop. The DPs are from a 5th avenue book of papers.

I think I've gone over the top! lol hope she likes it. 

 The decoupaged ballerinas with a touch of glitter... Ellie recently started dance classes. Which includes ballet along with modern and tap dancing.

Something you don't know about me lol. I used to help teach at a dance school... I can shuffle, hop, tap! can't stand on me points though! :D

A glittered crown. I might be adding a bit more glitter to the flowers... I think ... you know how it is.

Thought I'd share these with you.
The wind of Tuesday night did this! loads of dents and scratches but nothing major. In the scheme of things no great disaster  but it upset me :o(

This morning Missi decided to investigate the inside the wooden garden divider. 
Here she is "wood walking" she steers clear of walking on the stones whenever she can!
Hope you're all well, and that you haven't suffered any effects from the ravages of the weather.

xx Suzi B xx


Valerie said...

Such a beautiful card Suzi I'm sure your granddaughter will appreciate something so appropriate! I love the photo of Missi walking so carefully to avoid the stones, cats are so funny. By the way I like your new/old profile pic perhaps we should all regress and post ourselves as we were:)
Val x

Craftychris said...

Ellie will love her card, it is gorgeous! Sorry about the wind, its rubbish when it causes problems - hope all ok now. Missi is cute doing her wood walking! xx

Cazro said...

Hi Sue, A lovely card, your grandaughter will be thrilled. Thanks for your comment on my postcard plans. Please, please give it a go, I love your idea of characters and I know your able to do it. I was daunted but now I'm raring to go. Please join me. Caz

Jacqueline said...

A gorgeous card Suzi - not over the top at all - jacqueline xx

Aquarius said...

I'm sure your granddaughter will love this card and at that age 'over the top' is good I think. Shame about the dents to your car and loved the wood walking cat - thanks for sharing

Suzanne Brookfield said...

Not over the top at all its perfect and Ellie will adore it. X

Mynnette said...

What an amazing card! So soft and feminine--she will LOVE it! :) Your fur baby is hilarious--ours is supposed to be a "water" dog, but she avoids ALL water as much as possible! ;)

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Sue, Love your new photo:0) What a shame about your car, not good :{ I hope it doesn't take too much fixing.
Cats are funny!! Missi looks adorable!
I don't think your card is over the top, it's beautiful not CAS but it's perfect for a young lady. I'm sure that your grand daughter will treasure it, Gay xxx

Anonymous said...

I think Missi is trying to be quiet on the wood so no-one knows what she is up to...!!
Another great card Sue! Love Little Suexx