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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fiskars Texture plates

I have six double sided Fiskars texture plates that were earmarked for the charity box because it's  so difficult to get good results. then I read on someones blog, you know what it's like when blog hopping,  they had used the texture plates in the Bug, so today I had a go, here's the results: above is the embossed side below: debossed
Suffice to say They are no longer in the charity box.

 Base plate
 Texture plate
 Tan embossing mat
 C plate.

tc Sue xx


Aquarius said...

Well done for rescuing those texture plates - you've reminded me that I bought some ages ago in a fit of enthusiasm and the little 'gadget' for embossing never seemed to work and just made the card look messy. I'm sure they are lurking somewhere!!

Aquarius said...


Papillon said...

They had a lucky escape!! All hail the cuttlebug!! xx

Sarah Anderson said...

Thank goodness for that! What timely blog hopping that was!!!

themessycraftroom. said...

Well done Suzi , I'll have to dig mine out from the back of the cupboard and try them. Enjoying the nest watching. Hugs x ChrisB