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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Christening card for Felix

Emma , Felix's Aunty asked me to make a word book for Felix,  I printed the pages from Funky Hand Paper Craft Factory.This is the quickest way I know of to make a wordbook  and I only had today!... 

Although I did cut the card out at about 2am this morning! Me head was buzzing, with ideas for the Cubby Hole's,  April project...  my failed, seasons  wall plaqu,  my sisters birthday on Tuesday and this book! So when I couldn't sleep Up I got  and came  into TMR. Went to bed eventually at 3am..but I did write down my CH project ideas!!  I was also curious about the Less is More Challenge which goes live each Saturday at 0800. but that will have to take a back seat for now... but dying to have a go.
So add acetate to the above list of ideas buzzing around...
I'll never get the H/W done :))

The plain oval with the bible is  for the sender to write their greeting 

tc Sue xx


Suzanne Brookfield said... lovely is this? So very very apt!

PS....the flourish on last week LIM card was a fancy pants.....

Aquarius said...

A lovely word book and as you say Funky Hand do them well don't they and quite easy to make A great keepsake.

Susan Allan said...

It is fabulous, Suzi and you did it so quickly.

Clever you!

Sue xx

Papillon said...

lovely-keep churning your lovely creations out! x