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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Blackbird Eggs Day two

Taken by Joe this morning. There's usually mud in a black birds nest but maybe there's non cos its been so dry lately??  I watched her building the nest last week. she was very comical in her actions to secure  
stubborn bits and pieces. Never thought to take photos :(
tc Sue xx


Susan Allan said...

Fabulous photo.

Has it inspired you to do an egg project?

I am going to. I have a dunnock's nest and egg in the greenhouse from last year. I'll photo it and post it up...much smaller than blackbird's eggs, I think.
There is a tutorial on eggs by a great artist, (Tracy Lynn Huskamp)I'll see if I can find and link it up in case anyone wants to do one.

Don't you just love photos of real things found in the garden???!!!
Fabulous XXXX

Sue x

Sue said...

Oh how sweet! You will have to keep us updated as they progress :0

Aquarius said...

Thanks for sharing that lovely photo - there has been a lot of blackbird activity around my garden too but I've not seen where they are nesting.

mustavcoffee said...

Hi, great photo, blackbirds are now our most common garden birds but you probably already know that:0) Isn't it great to have a success story and not a decline? I miss the little house sparrow, just don't get any here anymore. Thank you for sharing and nice to meet you on Chocolate Baroque:0) xxx