Followers.... thank you xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Me a poet?...

My first crafty endeavour for some time ... I love playing with my steampunk journal so have enjoyed my self this afternoon doing just that..

Thank you to Suzanne, Val and Chris yesterdays comments helped! :)
Actually blog buddies all your comments help. 

I wanted to come up with a poem/ditty to say thank you.. but I got no further than:

When my creativity has deserted
my confidence reduced.................

I wanted it to be light hearted and funny ...but it just got serious 

may be you can do better lol!
tc Sue xx


themessyrcaftroom said...

Hi Suzi, Glad to see you've been creating again. Love it, glad you had fun. Hugs x ChrisB

Aquarius said...

It looks as if you had a good time with your journal - sorry I'm not good on poetry though (english lit was my least favourite subject at school!!).

Phree said...

Great journal pages. As for poetry well I can't help there I'm afraid.

craftimamma said...

No, I was always hopeless at poetry too which makes me rather sad now.

Love your journal though and glad your creativity is creeping back so you could work on it.

Lesley Xx

Nigel said...

When my creativity has deserted
my confidence reduced.......
I wander down to the Cubby hole
and they will keep me amused (well it nearly rhymes :p )

Fantastic pages. It looks like Capt Hemmings is getting a little left behind in the journal stakes ;)

Susan Allan said...

These pages are beautiful. The colours are so pretty.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
Have a great week.
Sue xx