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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

For Jeanie!

It's my friends 60th birthday on 31st October. Jeanie as I'm sure you know by now lives in France. There's going to be a big birthday bash in France ( fancy dress optional! but Jeanie's got a big purple witches hat amongst other items of witchy clothing!) .not sure if I'm able to be there.. :(

At the moment Jeanie and her husband Bill are in the UK so I'll be having a dinner party on Saturday to celebrate!... me cooking!!!!! I used to do a lot of cooking and baking but these days I only nuke or wok! .. LOL.

 I'm hoping to replace the heart in the centre of the web with a spider of some kind. I don't have a spider stamp, charm, sticker etc.Yet !

tc Sue xx
ps no fear of Jean seeing this card before her B/D


Livi said...

Oh Suey she'll love it! :)
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

themessycraftroom said...

Great card ,I like the image. Good luck with the dinner party, have a great time. Hugs x ChrisB

Aquarius said...

This is a great card and I hope you find a suitable spider - she will love it I'm sure.

Phree said...

What a fab card for a hallowe'en birthday. Hope you all enjoyed the dinner party.

craftimamma said...

This is brilliant Suzy! I love Stampotique characters and I can just imagine how much your friend is going to love this. Wonderful colour too.

Lesley Xx