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Monday, 23 August 2010

Meet Steampunk Debutante !

Morning all... it is still morning, just:) as promised here's the cover of my journal.
The book cover started life green. This is how it ended up once I'd finished spritzing, splashing, rubbing, swooshing and of course spraying!!! please don't ask me what I used cos I can't remember:) .
The spine of my old book, which originated from University College! was quite ripped and torn with the possibility of splitting apart so I covered it with some Graphics 45 12x12 paper from the Steampunk Debutante Collection. ...hence  name of journal. (The other side of this paper is to die for...yummy!) I think it's self explanatory that I cut around the cogs and wrapped it around the back of the book thus thoroughly reinforcing the spine.

The label  from the same collection has been crackled with TH distress crackle.
The" fastener" is from an old curtain hook, the old lace from my idea how I'm going to fasten the lace at the back .. I want to be able to undo it easily...

I might keep the contents secret :) or I might..share:))

tc xx Sue B xx

ROFL... Just looked up Deutante in Collins dictionary!
A young uper-class woman formally presented at court... or
a young woman regarded as being upper-class, wealthy and frivolous!!...
mmm.... I qualify as frivolous but only when it comes to crafty stash!!  :))


Wali ap Hugh said...

A stuck-up punk? ... never really thought of you as that!

The journal in real life, is fantastic folks! ... a real 'object d'art'


Aquarius said...

This is looking good - will be watching out for more pictures when you decide what is going in the book.

ScrappySuzanne said...

Absolutely gorgeous have done a wonderful job on the cover...x

craftimamma said...

That cover is stunning Suzi. Even more I wish I could have been on that workshop. Hope you do decide to take pity on us and show us some of the inside when you've done it.

Lesley Xx

Nigel said...

Wow! This has turned out amazingly well, considering the state it was in originally!

Maybe you should introduce your debutante to Capt Hemmings and they can share their journals :D

themessycraftroom said...

Wow Suzi its looks great I love how you've used the cog paper, and it looks antique. Look forward to seeing something of the inside. Hugs xChrisB