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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Another go at PDC challenge!!

I'm really not happy with yesterdays challenge entry at PDC.
So this morning I had a good rummage round to find the right colours  to use in my art journal!. I'd put away some little square ink pads, the ones I bought before I knew which inks to buy! You know the ones, from a well known craft store,  sold in a big round tub. Lo and behold the (practically) exact colours required

For some reason the tissue paper wouldn't fade at the edges perhaps its because I cut rather than tore it? Maybe the text should read, colour wheel! which one is this? lol.

I've not entered it into PDC I just wanted to see what I could do! I think it looks a bit busy, but reasonably happy with it.

00400 Sun  can't sleep!
Changed my mind I will enter it mainly cos I don't like other one! It irritates me! lol.

 Close ups... I've added black shading to the text as above since these photos. :)                              
 tc xx Sue xx

I forgot to say... I did it on the last page ..just in case I needed to remove it. lol x


Nigel said...


This is great, I love the words, and personally I prefer this to your other piece (nothing wrong with that one, just prefer this one).

Don't you dare to remove it! :D

Aquarius said...

you certainly got the colours this time and how different from the first one. Tearing pages out of books is NOT allowed LOL!!

Ruby said...

This is FAB! What a FUN idea to link it as a journal page to our challenge, I LOVE it! I'm really glad you played along again with us at PDCC, it's lovely! Love your writing too! :o)

Sarah Anderson said...

Great page, I love it! It really tells a story :)

Neet said...

I liked your other piece but must say this journal page is fab!

Suzanne C said...

Love that you created this as part of your journal. Way to keep playing with the colors. Thanks for playing along with us again at the PDCC.

Elise said...

{I have TONS of those lil' pads!} You are SUCH a clever girrrrrl! Glad you jumped in for round two! This is EXCELLENT! Thanks, ONCE again, for playing with the PCDD!

Stephanie Kraft said...

This is wonderful, Suzi! Love that you journaled about the PDCC.. So glad to have you join us again this week!

Lisa Somerville said...

Such wonderful pages for your journal! Thanks for playing at the PDCC.

Anonymous said...

Great journal page and the square ink pads worked beautifully me thinks. :) thanks so much for your good wishes for my weight loss journey ... You are an angel
hugs June xxxxx

penibear said...

I like them both!