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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Inspired by Kath!

Hi folks, how yer doin? I needed a quick card this morning before I dash off  to pick up my daughter and son-in law to take them to Liverpool John Lennon airport for an unexpected trip to Spain!! now I've never driven to Liverpool before, I always go on the train!... watch this space:) plus on my way back I want to go to Ikea, Warrington another first .. weell from Liverpool!.... from Crewe? that's another story.
The inspiration for this card came from Kath at Kath's Blog actually it's practically a copy... thank you Kath :)
Bye for now.


This is also inspired by Kath,..
but spot the deliberate mistake... I got glue in between the ribbon so I had to sprinkle glitter on... happy accident? plus it's all out of line :(  boo hoo. lesson learnt do not craft in a rush... surrounded by crafty MESS!
tc xx Sue xx


Aquarius said...

A couple of lovely cards and pity about the wonky one - perhaps you can rescue some of the elements? I know I would try to save the flower and the text - sad or what!! We all have to rush about from time to time - good luck with your trip today.

themessycraftroom said...

Nice cards, funnily I posted a card to day I was also inspired By Kath yesterday. Hope your journey went well. Hugs x ChrisB

Nigel said...

Lovely cards, simple yet elegant.

Are you back yet? :)