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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Blue & Green at LIM...

Blue & Green
at LIM
There is an old saying
Blue & Green should not be seen, Unless there's a colour inbetween!
In this day and age no colour combo is taboo, in some cases the wilder the better.
Here's mine... and be warned it's not pretty!
Oh boy! this is a mess! where did all those dirty marks come from? It just hasn't turned out as well as I wanted... so me being me I decided to share my disaster with you...LOL
 I am suffering with the most dreadful dry tickly cough,  it keeps me awake most of the night with prolonged coughing spasms, my throat feels like it's full of razor blades, I have had to cancel a dinner party I was really looking forward to... 
Obviously I am just after your sympathy :o)
Thought I'd cheer my self up by entering one of my favourite challenges, LIM and made a mess of the whole thing! Should have stayed reading my book or watching the Olympics

I used Verasamark and separate blue and a green EP's
The hardest thing was stopping the EP from contaminating each other.
 I'm not happy with it at all
thank you for stopping by.. I love that you do.
take care ... hope you don't succumb to this virus!!
xx suzi b xx


Marijke said...

Beautiful Christmas card

Chrissie said...

This looks great to me Suzi... the two colours work really well on your image.
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Christine B. said...

Hi Suzi Realy like your xmas card.Sorry to hear your not well. Hope your feeling much better soon. Take care Hugs x ChrisB

Kathyk said...

Well I don't think it turned out anything like as bad as you think it did - we ARE our own worst critics! It's fab

Feel better soon


Aquarius said...

Really sorry to hear you are feeling rough - losing sleep at night is horrible and affects the days badly so I hope you soon begin to feel better. This card isn't anything like as bad as it seems to you - the inter critic is always the worst!! Love that tree stamp.

Valerie said...

Love your card Suzi, smudges and all! Fab stamp and the star with the gems is perfect:) Hope you feel better soon
Val x

Netty said...

so whats a few marks between friends.....nothing..... Hope you feel a lot better soon, take care, Annette x

Linby said...

It looks great to me. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Oh dear sorry to hear that you're under the weather, hope you feel better soon:0) Your card is great! I love the stamps and who said it had to be totally pristine, I love a little distressing :0)Hugs Gay xxx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

I also think this is a beautiful Christmas card. Fabulous tree ! Shirleyx

GinaA said...

Hope you are feeling better, how awful to have missed out on an evening you were so looking forward to. Card design is lovely and I think the tree is great. Such a shame you don't think it's good enough to send anywhere.

Vicky Hayes said...

Well you certainly do have my sympathy - it's horrible having a cough that deprives you of sleep not to mention dinner parties! I really like your card - and that's a lovely, unusual colour combination for Christmas. Take care of yourself Sue, Vicky x

Maribel said...

Sorry to hear that is wrong and hope to improve soon. I love the card but do not seem you perfect, but sometimes beauty is that imperfection. Beautiful Christmas card.

Mandi said...

Super card Suzi
Hope that now I am here so late, you are better
Thanks very much
"Less is More"

craftimamma said...

You might not have liked your card Suzi but everyone else does and so do I. I always think of that saying when ever I see a blue and green combo but I've always liked the two colours together (depending on the shades of course). I think you've made a smashing job of this technique. I've only tried it once and you think yours is a mess ............. mine went in the bin straight away!

Lesley Xx