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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Workshop update

Here's some of the work that I did for the Cubby Hole Workshop on Saturday my first ever time at taking a workshop, I normally attend! lol...I had a great time Thank you to the lovely people who attended... you know who you are :o)

 Carol who owns the Cubby Hole   asked me to do the workshop after she'd seen my  first attempt on a
6"x 6" canvass which was originally intended for the Floral Fantasy challenge at the Cubby Hole.

I recently saw a canvass painted by Yvonne Coomber and loved it! It was on display in an art shop in Dartmouth. A couple or so weeks ago I thought I'd have a go and see what I could come up with... Yvonne Comber's work is fabulous, lots of splats a splodges on a huge canvass with fabulous colours and depth. and you feel like you could take a walk in a meadow full of flowers.
 My  canvases are very small in comparison.
 so in the Style of Yvonne Coomber
 I've no idea how Yvonne achieves her fabulous art but this was done with baby wipes, acrylic paint, cocktail sticks, coffee shop stirrers (you know the ones) splats and splodges.

This one in my journal started life with the waste paint off the baby wipes.
I took photographs of every ones fantastic, different and fabulous art work and I will blog them all in the week.
 Take care
 xx suzi b xx


craftimamma said...

Congratulations on your first workshop Sue. These look fabulous and I can imagine they were fun to create. They would certainly be lovely and cheerful and just what I would love to see on a wall in my home at the moment to remind me it's not always bucketing down with rain, lol!

Lesley Xx

Brenda Brown said...

Glad your workshop went well Suzi, it's a lovely feeling isn't it? Love this piece, so full of fun and colour.
Hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend.
hugs {brenda} xox

Valerie said...

Fab creations Suzi I particularly like the 2nd one. You have captured Yvonne's style brilliantly!
Val x

Aquarius said...

Amazing what you can do with streaks of paint and some splats and streaks - love the effect

Jacqueline said...

Wow - what an explosion of colour, I love these. - Jacqueline xx

Nora MacPhail said...

Wow! Wonderful 'polka dot' flowers! Very cheerful and inspiring.
Happy Creating!

Vicky Hayes said...

Wow Sue - these are all absolutely stunning and a real breath of summer! I'm so pleased your workshop went well and I can imagine that your ladies went home very happy. Vicky x

Aunt Barbara said...

What a beautiful, simple technique for painting a meadow full of wildflowers--it reminds me of some of the modern art of the 60's and 70's that was so popular. I'm doing my own version right now--making all of the flowers is the fun part! :)

Anastasia Cosman said...

Hi i discovered yvonne coomber and your own wildflower field. I would like to do my own but am struggling with the background. How did u blend the colours and did u use oil or acrylic paimt? Any tip is highly appreciated. Tx

Suzi B said...

Hi Anastasia I achieved the effects mainly by just having a go and playing. I used acrylic paints blended with baby wipes.
Good luck.
Suzi B x