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Friday, 4 February 2011

Gay Paree! mark2

I'm much happier with this version. See previous post :))

tc Sue xx


themessycraftroom said...

Sue this is gorgeous. I liked the first one but this is much nicer with those flowers you have added. Great idea. Hugs x ChrisB

Aquarius said...

Both versions are effective but I tend to agree that the second one has a bit more impact. The monochrome suits the subject too.

Papillon said...

It's beautiful, Sue, I love the flower detail -really adds depth to the card

Susan Allan said...

I actually love them both. I just love the neutral colour palette you have used here.
I must put you on my sidebar so I can easily see what you do next.

Glad I could bring back sweet memories for you.
That is what flowers are for, don't you think?
They have such an impact on our lives that they can instantly take us back, beautifully.

Have fun
Sue xx