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Saturday, 19 February 2011

CCTV Design Team Project

I'm a member of  Carol's from the Cubby Hole design team. This months project ... for me, we all have different design elements, was to use Crafty Individuals Miniatures, Natures Beauty paper pad along with  tree stamps no. CI 259.
This is my submission using the Natures Beauty paper pad but the project using the rubber stamps are a work in progress :)).. photos soon....I hope.
I used different materials to make the tiny envelopes . (tiny seems to be my  thing at the mo) For this one I used double sided paper from Tim Holtz paper stack. Using double sided paper means you don't have to worry about white bits on the envelope or on the back of the little book.

 This envelope was made from white card  decorated on both sides with acrylic paints  and over stamped with script and flowery swirls. Folding this was a bit tricky due to the thickness of the card and all that paint!. Consequently  some of the folds have an aged look... just what I'd hoped for ;)

These are the larger pictures from the paper pad.
The idea and the format for the envelopes came from Sarah Anderson.
The format is 4 x the image size.
Through trial and error I discovered  to achieve a neat envelope it's best to add one or two mm to the length... Joe helped with that!

This one uses printed vellum and achieved the neatest envelope! and no worries about white bits and the glue didn't show! on the back of the book.

This is another one using printed vellum but  was too see through and I  had to add more to the back of the book.

These little books in envelopes could be used as toppers on cards or part of a canvass, in a journal etc etc.

tc Sue x


Aquarius said...

These look really good - those pads by CI are great to use for this sort of thing.

Nigel said...

These are wonderful. I have that pack and may even get round to using it sooner or later.

themessycraftroom said...

Suzi I just love these they look beautiful. I think I have some of those little pictures somewhere. Well done they all look great. I love the stamps you have used and your little charms. Hugs x ChrisB

Susan Allan said...

Lovely work, I was planning on making an envelope like that, but I can't be bothered making the paper four times the width. These are really lovely, little origami envelopes.
Thanks for your comment tonight. I did reply on my blog, but in case you don't get back...sweet dreams, keep on rambling, (I totally approve of it) and I hope your book is as brilliant as the stars!
Sue xx