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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Spray inks

I should never be let loose with sprays  cos I always over do it. My idea is to just have a smattering of paint  just where I want it! of course that never happens so instead of getting a fresh piece of card and doing it again  or saying I like that, I'll use it as it is ... I carry on & on spraying... I love the gentle smattering of colour idea...I will master it!

Enough moaning... here is a card I produced at the Cubby Hole at a workshop last Saturday. It was a last minute Christmas card W/S with Sarah Anderson. Sarah had some lovely cards for us to make and every one cracked on and produced a megalithic amount of wonderful interpretations of the cards. .. except me!!! I don't know what was wrong with my head but I just couldn't get going. I had a great fun time with fabulous people...but didn't really like what I produced... no change there then:))

It was a great day I really enjoyed it. Thank you to all the CH work shoppers, Sarah and CH owner Carol  who poor thing was pounced upon when the new  Stampotigue order was a big box full of goodies!

Here's another one I did at home...just to prove what I

Sue xx

Just noticed the card looks a bit is white.


Suzanne Brookfield said...

Well I love them both Sue.....they're beautiful!

themessycraftroom said...

Hi Suzi , I like your cards. Have you tried spraying onto a piece of scrap paper first and hold the spray further away. You need a old box for a spray booth. I don't use mine as I'm abit hit and miss with them. Hugs x ChrisB

Aquarius said...

Love these cards - we are always our own worse critics! It sounds as if you enjoyed the workshop anyway which is the main thing in my book. I always seem to get blobs when I try spraying and then spray more hoping to merge them in - the experiments usually get used one way or another though.

Nigel said...

They're both fantastic, so don't be so hard on yourself - or else...... ;)