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Friday, 5 November 2010

Listening to Puccini...

No projects to show today. I've been working on a commission for a wedding card but its not happening! So I've put it to one side and will have another go on Sunday or may be tomorrow evening.
I enjoy listening to Puccini so am going to have a long soak  with  a glass of red wine and madame Butterfly belting out. Well as much as I dare before upsetting the neighbours.  I've misplaced my favourite Puccini CD... miss it very much. Its helped me through lots of sad, happy, melancholy times as well as helping me study :)

 Tomorrow I'm going to a  metal book workshop with Sarah Anderson at the Cubbyhole. I'll take photos!
tc Sue xx


themessycraftroom said...

Hi Suzi enjoy your relaxing evening and have a great time tomorrow. Look forward to your pics. I've got my grandaughter all day tomorrow. Have fun . Hugs x ChrisB

Aquarius said...

Hope the relaxing evening helps when you come to finish the card you have to make. I'm sure you will have a great time at the workshop and look forward to seeing what you make.