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Friday, 26 November 2010

Cubby Hole Project

 Carol  of the delightful Cubby Hole craft shop in Crewe gave a few of us (design team lol)  one of the new 12x12 papers from PaperArtsy. Each of us had a different DP

Addition to original post
Apparently, just discovered this in Suzanne's blog,  (Teamie) :)) the Design Team is to be called...wait for it!.. Collaborative Craft Team Volunteers....CCTV's
  mmm volunteers?

Although I liked mine ... I hated using it... not my colours, didn't know what to do with it!! and the fact that I was..(am)  in a craft desert, didn't help!!.  So I kept things simple...  and then messed up!... but hey know what it's like... the good , the bad and the ugly!..  you get to see it all!

The images are stamped onto acetate and embossed with a glittery embossing powder... mistake! ... wasn't delicate enough. .The idea behind using acetate was an attempt not to obscure the DP.
If I'm not frozen in tomorrow I'll nip back to the Cubby Hole where I took the revamped card and take a photo of it.

For this one I decided to use the paper only, to illustrate that with lovely DP nothing else is needed!

I can't wait to see what the others come up with.. the projects will  probably be amazing! cos they are such a talented bunch!

tc Sue xx

Just want to say I am really sad and emotional that the Government is scrapping the Harrier Jump is my favourite jet! I remember seeing it on TV when I was a young woman I was  amazed and fascinated.. It stuck in my mind but I didn't see it until about 6yrs ago when I saw it at Cosford air show... I have seen it several times since. When  the pilot dips the front of the plane as in a bow to the crowd, at the end of his display... he's doing it just for me...  he  is!!!
This is a photo of the Harriers leaving Ark Royal for the last time.... so sad!!

Hope we remain safe and free from regrets and never have to say ... we  need an aircraft carrier with jets!....

 Sue xx

GORGEOUS... no not the pilot!


Suzanne Brookfield said...

Sue know my opinion. Your work is always beautiful (its just you that doesnt think so lol :). Lovely projects and I am joining you in that crafting we have wine and chocs or just bread and water? Think I have forgotten how to craft! See you soon
Suz x
PS...feel same about the jets too

Aquarius said...

Looks like you had some fun with the special papers - I always have to make myself use any really special paper otherwise i would just keep it to stroke and look at LOL!! I live near an airbase so will miss the Harriers too but there are still a few other planes screaming over from time to time and helicopters of course,

Paul said...

I'd have to say you can include yourself in the description of "talented bunch". You may not like the colours but I think you've done a brilliant job. Very majestic. Love the lace trim. Px

Sue A said...

I am sorry I have not visited your blog for while...I did not mean to leave it so long.

I love your recent work and yes, I agree it will be sad to see such a beautiful aeroplane go!!
Thanks for your comment, my Craft Stamper has not arrived and I am so disappointed. I hope it comes on Monday
Have a lovely weekend
Sue xx

themessycraftroom said...

Hi Sue. I think you've made a gorgous job of the card that backing paper is beautiful. I really like that colour.
It is sad to see the jets go. Hugs x ChrisB

Aquarius said...

There was nowhere to leave comments on your PDC card so am putting mine here - hope you spot it. This is an unusual colour scheme for Christmas but it works and that is a lovely card.