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Monday, 11 January 2010

I don't believe it!!

I have just written a long ,long post about my troubles in the big feeze...( it was quite amusing) turned around for one second.... looked at my screen in amazement... picture everything GONE!!! boo hoo... so I'll just post pictures instead . maybe I'll feel like doing it again another day.

This is a picture of my garden thermometer on the day (coldest day so far)....I was without central heating or hot water, my car battery was dead... & my front door wouldn't lock Not so dreadful in the scheme of things some poor people have had a dreadful time. but hey .. the children have loved it!


This is a card Ive just made to send to Bill in France.He used to work designing electrical systems for airbus..hence the airoplane!!
Tues 12th
 I forgot to mention that the image is from Joanna Sheens Victorian Images CD, I find this quite useful for mens cards ... some funny cartoon images too, the backing paper and label is  a wonderful freebie off some ones blog . I'm so sorry but I can't remembert which one. If any one recognizes it please let me know then I can give credit where its due. I thought I'd saved the blog ... but I haven't. it was from one of those clever digi designers.. I love it.
keep warm every one
 xxSue xx

Ps   found the long post in drafts... don't have time now so will leave well alone.


Susan said...

Hope you have managed to get everything sorted now Sue!
Love your card - I always struggle with male themed cards!
Keep warm!!!

ScrappySuzanne said...

Oh dear Sue! It doesnt snow but it sleets lol! Hope things have got better for you! Super card...great papers and images it a CD? Hope to see you soon at the C Hole?
Suz x

Aquarius said...

Using a computer can be so frustrating at times. Love this card and so apt fior the recipient. Hope your cold weather troubles are soon sorted.

craftimamma said...

You card is brilliant and so perfect to the recipient Sue. Sounds like you had a really bad day. We've been pretty lucky really inspite of lots of snow making getting about difficult. I am fed up with it now though, like most people.

Lesley Xx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Ohh, noooo! I know how frustrating that is.. it has happened to me. If I have something long to write these days, I try to remember to do it in Word first, then cut & paste it into a blog post.

But anyway, loving your garden thermometer.. very stylish.. and the card is fab! Bet he loved it.

Chris xx