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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Ties Revisited... Pretty Card?

I was supposed to be making pretty cards to day & this is what happened! Not what I wanted to achieve at all but one of my friends ... Jeanie who lives in France & is coming over to UK on Friday would like  lots of mens cards to suit all ages! Mens cards are not my favourite thing! ... sorry reflection on your lovely selves...

Mind you I seem to be in a blank space at the mo.. too many ideas roaming around in my head & not enough practical application.
Going shopping to Chester on Friday with two of my friends, Maureen & Desi. We are looking for accesories to go with Maureens wedding dress, for shoes especially. We hope to have a smashing  day.
I didn't tell you about our (Maureen, Jenny,Joan & me)  trip to Manchester last Tuesday. We had a great day managed to get Maureens wedding dress,had a lovely lunch. bit of  slurp ( wine) time before we caught the train home. Great train journey on  Virgins Pedalino (spelling?)  first stop Crewe , 2nd stop Milton Keynes then London.The train stopped at Crewe  at 19.30 but the doors we were trying to get out at wouldn't open!  So there we were on our way to MK... Cutting a long story short we were escorted to first class with a free cuppa by the train manager who arranged for us to catch a train  back to Crewe from MK. We arrived back in Crewe at 22.00 . Not bad really & it made us chuckle.
 Sue x

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