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Monday, 7 September 2009

Relaxing Day?

Well I did enjoy the Art Stamp Wales stamp & papercraft fair in Wrexham on Saturday. It was uncrowded, easy to get around lots to see, but not as much as at the HSNW show  at Port Sunlight . It was lovely to be able to walk around without any jossling for position to see all the goodies or demos. I found it quite relaxing although this made it easier to spend!  which of course I did... naughty   ;o)  Then I  discovered I'd left my mobile at home this wouldn't have been a problem normally but I didn't know where I would be spending the night... lol ..  meaning at Joe's or at my house. Joe lives in Wales & I live in Crewe Cheshire. Joe was at an air show at Broughton Chester (Where the airbus wings are made)  Although I know his home phone number  I can't remember his mobile number so even using a phone box wouldn't help.So when I'd finished browsing , sitting with a coffee chatting to other crafters (lovely) I wasn't sure which way to aim my car! Just as I was leaving the car park I heard my phone!. I quickly pulled over opened the boot & rummaged in my over night bag thinking my phone must be here... I couldn't find it, I was puzzled so I sat in the car waiting for it to ring again ( its set to repeat) sure enough it went again it was obviously in the car but the sound was muffled must be in the boot. I ransacked the overnight bag & the contents of the boot (bags for life, walking boots n' all that)  still no phone  I was baffled , I walked slowly back  to the drivers door ,opened it & guess what there was my phone on me seat ! I'd been sitting on it. no wonder it was muffled!! It must've slipped out of my bag & being black & very slim I never noticed it... (I'm no princess then!.... Princess & the Pea ?) I had loads of messages from my family & Joe . I caught up with them all &  drove home to Crewe where Joe joined me later that evening. On the way home I called at my son & daughter -in - laws to welcome them home from 3 weeks in Spain. My garandaughter Ellie gave me a prezzy from Spain a cute metal cat made from nuts & bolts it now sits on the shelf in my kitchen reserved for "Quirky Cats". I'm a bit of a cat person not got one at the mo ...   :0(
Sue x

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Aquarius said...

Sounds as if you had a good time - had to laugh about the phone story though