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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Rainy Day

  Hello, thank you for coming to see me ... Has it been raining down your way? It's been torrential here at times. I've spent most of the day sorting out my craft room... I think it will now work for me.... I was so used to the organised chaos in my old craft room! .. this one,  smaller, less storage.... Noo shelves!!! Thought I'd share the rainy day view from my craft room window and  a page from my favourite tiny journal... you find things you've forgotten about when you move house, don't you?

 Inspired... if that's the right word? ;-) by this Rhododendron  outside my window.

 Took the photo of this cheeky chappy just before the downpour! it's through the window and on mega zoom
and just to prove that I have done some work ... here's a photo of my DI storage in the top drawer of my Ikea Draws... don't know why I never did this before ! they used to stored in a smaller set of draws stacked up on top of each other... It was a pain finding the colour I wanted... this is much better. Other ink pads are in the next drawer .... great!!
 Hope you've managed to keep dry and safe.
 take care
 Suzi B xx


Fliss said...

Fab journal pages Suzi and glad you found them (sounds like me as I tend to find stuff when looking for something else.
Good luck with you sorting.
Fliss xx

Aquarius said...

Pleased to hear you are getting your craft room sorted and as you say surprising what you come across when moving things around. Thanks for sharing the pictures and yes it was raining here yesterday morning but cleared later.

Astrid Maclean said...

Great page Suzi, love the soft colours! Fab photos too and your new DI storage looks brilliant! Good luck with the new room!