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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Blue Planet

Hello and welcome, this weeks challenge at Less is More is called
 Round and Round
"For this you may use any image which implies this things with wheels or which move in this manner etc or in fact cards with some moving parts."
  I used  Couture Creations Uber embossing folder (clock parts, fingers of which go round and round) onto colourCore Cardstock which was lightly sanded to reveal the darker blue.I stamped the La Blanche World (we spin on an axis.. so that's another round and round bit !) onto cartridge paper which was coloured with DI's.
 I would've liked to add the word PEACE onto the card but can't find it!! I think that fact highlights my storage organisation... there isn't one! I must get down to organising my stamps in some way. I end up looking through drawers and boxes saying to myself "I know I've got that word, somewhere ! It was a lot easier when I had less stash! I was also more creative....  :))

Our "Blue Planet" is beautiful and unique ... as far as we know...  and I wish the worlds population lived side by side in harmony respecting each others beliefs and cultures... perhaps the word DREAM would've been more appropriate.
 Thank you for looking .. I always appreciate your visits.
Suzi B xx


Chrissie said...

It's an interesting comment you made re stash v creativity... I know exactly what you mean and I too spend ages looking for things I think I have 'somehwhere'!
This is a super card Suzi!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Anonymous said...

Lovely card, and great colours. The mebossing and the stamp matches very well!
My storage organisation usually lasts a craft session or 10, then my stack of "papers/backgrounds/half finished cards to be used soon" has become too big again to fit in the little box I have for them. So I add another box...
I too wish we all would get along better. We don't necessarily have to like eachother of have to agree constantly, but live and let live. (Although, I must admit, I am most happy if they use the same norms and values as I do. Can I really let them live the way they want to if it is something I very much dislike, like child marriage or surpression of women or gays or freedom of speech, even though it's been like that for 1000nds of years and that is normal for that culture?) I'm glad no one is asking me for the answer to all that, because I don't have it!
Thanks for your card and this little philosophical moment :)

Fandhmum said...

This is a fab card,
Rosie x

Aquarius said...

This is a wonderful card - I can identify with the stash/storage/quantity thing too!! Hope you find the peace word but maybe as you say DREAM would be appropriate too.

Dagmar said...

wow it´s so cool create!

craftimamma said...

Love your card and interpretation of the challenge Sue. I agree, it is the biggest pity we can't all get along together but I also agree with Daqadoodles and doubt it will ever happen mores the pity.

Lesley Xx

Valerie said...

Love your take on the theme Suzi, the EF is unusual and matches the stamp so well!
Val x

Buttons said...

So impressed with anyone who can do LIM and this is so lovely Suzi. Hugs, Jenny x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, in fact a beautiful post as your words are so true. It should always be about respect for others.
The embossing is wonderful!

Astrid Maclean said...

Wonderful card and I so agree with your thoughts about our blue planet!