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Friday, 7 June 2013

The best of people

I thought I'd share a Cubby Hole project I did a couple or so years ago. Carol had seen an Artists Paper project in Somerset Studios July/August 209 called Inchstravaganza by Chrysti Hydock and that was to be our summer project.
 Chrysti's project was all about art.

 Mine was all about the future.

Why the future? well I used punched inchies from get well cards sent to me when I was being treated for cancer... very succesfully I must add  it was  quite some years ago but it wasn't known at the time how things would turn out. I recieved hundreds of cards and letters ( lots of flowers too... in the days when flowers where allowed in hospital, you could hardly get im my room.) The flowers died but the cards and letters were saved in a wonderful  box that contained a fabulous gift from my work colleques. The cards were out of site in an antique seamans chest  ( lol he lives in my sitting room).  So when Carol came up with this challenge I decided to use punched out inchies from these cards and letters as a permenant reminder of wonderful family, friends and colleques.... and most of all FUTURE!!
Some close up snippets

Here's Chrystis inspiration from Somerset Studio

Thanks for looking, have a great weekend.
xx Suzi B xx


Astrid Maclean said...

What an amazing project! So full of hope and wonder! A fantastic idea and what you did looks amazing!!

Fandhmum said...

What a wonderful project
Rosie x

Brenda Brown said...

What a treasured piece of art Suzi, such a fabulous idea to use snippets from your cards as your reminder of wonderful friends and hope for the future. So pleased it has fulfilled the wish.
hugs {brenda} x0x

Aquarius said...

What a beautiful way to recall the kindness and support from so many people - a lovely thing to do and a lasting memento. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

Vicky Hayes said...

What a brilliant story Sue and what a fantastic way to use all those inchies of encouragement and support. So pleased your treatment was successful and that you're enjoying your future. Vicky x

Anonymous said...

Hello Suzi
I popped over to say Hello, to say thank you for your visits during my absence and also to say you had me lol at the thought of your groaning bank account!
This piece is so much more than art, it touches the heart in the most authentic manner. For you to take the cards and letters you received at the worst time of your life and turn it into something so positively life affirming and beautiful, it leaves me overcome.
Sorry for such a "heavy" comment!
Suzi, here's to you and a future of good health and wellbeing.
P.S. Happy stamping with the new CI stamp when it arrives - looking forward to your creations :)

Gay Peplow said...

Hi Suzi, Well I'm knocked out, your art work is wonderful, what a real beauty to treasure. I'm so happy that your outcome was so good and your future positive. Thank you for sharing and brightening my day, Gay xx

craftimamma said...

Oh Wow, Sue I'm so glad I did my usual and worked backwards through posts to catch up on ones I'd missed. This is a wonderful piece of work (bet it was a labour of love really) and very inspiring especially when combined with the story behind it. Thanks for sharing so much detail in your photos. It's truly beautiful! Going back for another look.

Lesley Xx