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Sunday, 26 February 2012

LIM Don't Scrap It!

Chrissie and Mandi  of LIM would like uus to scour our bit box(es) for this weeks challenge!.. I have one or two as I'm sure you do, so here goes :o)

some of my discard!!
This is a lovely Image of Poppies from Deezines Art that I tried floating water colour technique with but I think this is too delicate for that... but even so I loved it!  I mounted it onto an old torn envelope that was also in the bits box

Here's another .. discarded cos for LIM the card was too small for the image and  I managed to get black marks near the fold. :o(  hence the ribbon.

discarded bits and pieces.
 If you're wondering where the Kraft discard is? it's in the bin! ... It was pristine (especially for me ...I think I'm a Chaotic Crafter... stuff everywhere!) it ended up covered in black lines... no idea where they came from  it is above and beyond rescue .... believe me I tried lol.
 take care 
xx suzi b xx


Kathyk said...

GR8 makes and LIM cards

Happy Sunday


Chrissie said...

Great rescues Suzi!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Lynne Moncrieff said...

They are all so delicate and pretty.

Loli said...

Hola Suzi, both cards are beautiful but the poppies is gorgeous!, fantastic watercolour:D
A hug from Palma and have a nice week

Suze Bain said...

Beautiful cards Suzi, the poppy one is gorgeous. xx

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Brilliant saves, you should do this more often, such a great result with both cards, xxx

craftimamma said...

Ah, shame about the Kraft card piece as it looked very promising Sue but never mind, you've rescued the other bits beautifully. I especially like the 'half' image of the second one. I think that's very effective and I might try that on purpose.

Lesley Xx

Susan said...

Great job on saving these cards! Love the look of the first one...and who would have thought to use an envelope!...very clever!! Beautiful work this week, Suzi!!

Mandi said...

Well rescued Suzi
Super cards
Thank you so much
"Less is More"

Jacqueline said...

Love all your cards Suzi - espescially the poppies (wonder why ?!!!!) - Jacqueline xx