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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The joys of crafting with a six month old kitten

There was an almighty crash and this was the result of me forgetting to close the Making Room door when I left it... Missi is not allowed in there when I'm not... now you can see why... She loves roaming around  and moving things with her paws and nose.. and me not being the tidiest crafter means there are  lots of things for her to play with plus she disappears behind cupboard and drawers  and goes to sleep... then I can't find her!!
Here she is on my bathroom windowsill... mmm angelic?!


Suzanne Brookfield said...

Hahah .... I do know how you feel house is a complete wreck since the arrival of wallpapaer is ripped to shreds....

But you have just got to love them havent you?

Suz xx

Aquarius said...

She does look so angelic - I'm sure she didn't cause that crash!!! they get into everything don't they?

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Oh Dear Sue, What a mess and look at her, butter wouldn't melt but soo gorgeous LOL Gay xxx

Christine B. said...

Hi Sue, bet you shut the door next time after picking up that lot. She's so lovely. Hugs x ChrisB

craftimamma said...

Sorry Sue, I had to laugh. She looks as though butter wouldn't melt! I saw your picture of chaos on FB earlier. Wow, she sure knows how to make a mess doesn't she.

Lesley Xx

Nigel said...

I think you did that yourself, and are using her as a scapegoat. I mean, just look at her - she's far too innocent looking to have caused all that ;)

Did you manage to match all the lids to the right inkpad? :)

Val said...

Suzi - Hello - and thanks for your warm welcome to MMM. If I'm not mistaken did you belong to the Graphicus Guild?

By the way it does not get any better with the cats, everything still goes on to the floor to be played with and they pick up every bit of glamour dust on their fur!