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Sunday, 26 June 2011

LIM Wk 21 Sketch

I've been playing this morning but not all that happy with the results but thought that I'd share them any way.
Can't remember  much about any of the flower stamps I've used apart from, I bought them when I first started stamping about 3 tears ago (roughly)... I've no idea whose they are... sorry :(
The sentiment is from Crafty Individuals.
The more I look at those beads the more I don't like em.... they'll be coming off :)

Up date... Most of the beads have gone! ... just a few on the periphery still in situ!
I am so unhappy with these I haven't done any thing with em... the flowers remind of crabs scurrying around :))

 But look at these two ... aah wood pigeons in love!... taken last night about 21.30. they are on my neighbours three storey house  chimney... hence the poor quality photo ( taken with me little Canon Ixus 130 on digital zoom)

tc xx Sue xx


Aquarius said...

I like the flower stamp at the top but tend to agree that maybe the beads are a bit OTT. You'd think that LIM sketch would be straightforward but maybe not. Never mind if you've enjoyed your morning that's the main thing. I have collared doves nesting in a tree in my garden and get lots of visits from wood pigeons also.

Chrissie said...

That's a really interesting take on the sketch Sue and I think I'm with you on the beads!
Great stamp.
Thank you so much!
Lady LIM
"Less is More"

Carol said...

Lovely flower stamp Sue, like what you've done with it. Carol x

Kathyk said...

I'm with the majority about the beads . . gr8 cards otherwise and cool photo


Mandi said...

Such a clever take on our sketch Suzi
Very inventive
I think I may have just added gems/bead/colour to the central flower head
FAB card
Thank you very much
Diva LIM
Less is More

Valerie said...

Really love your take on the sketch Sue but have to agree about the beads, they look like little eruptions:))
Val x

Faith A said...

Sounds like you struggled a bit Suzi? Love your idea for the first card great take on the sketch, as for the scurrying crabs, sorry don't see it, love the colour though lol

Netty said...

Great take on the sketch

Dolly Daydreams said...

Very clever piece and beautifully created love it.


Loli said...

hola Suzi, very original desig for the sketch, i love your stamps, fab card Suzi, well done.
A hug from Palma

Debgem said...

I really like the flowers on your first card - although I agree that the beads not quite right! Would love to see it again - without the beads!

As for the other card - I like it! Bright, bold, perhaps a gem (or similar) in the central flower?

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Sue, What a brilliant stamp, the flower card, your first, I love it! I wonder if you coloured the flowers it might give you more of a contrast but I still love it! Such a clever take on this challenge:0)Isn't it great to be given a taxing challenge and I don't know about you but I find the easiest ones aren't necessarily all they seem and turn out harder than you think, LOL Gay xxx

Theresa said...

Hi Sue, I think your card is just wonderful. I agree with you about the beads, but the design itself if wonderful.

Susan said...

Sue, I agree with you about the beads...I think perhaps just on the ends of the swirls and not the flowers would be nice. I think the flowers you think look like crabs might look better to you if you had them on a darker green maybe....just a thought. My Card

Anonymous said...

Very stylish and love the black and white

fatmonica said...

I love it and to be honest I didn't notice the beads!

Zoechaos said...

Love your black and white card with flowers simply lovely. Great picture of the pigeons. XOXO Zoe

The Crafty Elf said...

I think your take on the sketch with the first card is absolutely wonderful and so creative. I think I have to agree with you on the beads.

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Suzi

I think nuff said about the beads! LOL Great card and such a clever take on the sketch I would never have thought to do what you've done but it works!

Take care


craftimamma said...

I'm with you and the majority Sue. Removing most of the beads was probably a good idead but other than that I think the card is gorgeous and a clever take on the sketch. Thanks for showing us the flowers you didn't like. I wouldn't have seen it till you pointed it out but the scurrying crabs made me laugh.

The pigeons on the other hand made me go Ahhh!

Lesley Xx