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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In the Pink

I made these quick cards this morning to take along to the Cubby Hole  to help inspire  people to have a go at the The Cubby Holes, May challenge, which is "White Space Homage"

I had this pink card lying around so used it for all three cards! I used different techniques to appeal to people with different abilities and or crafty preferences.

The above card uses stamping and layering, direct to paper, faux stitching... tried using the sewing machine but it made a funny noise so, me being sewing machine phobic, soon  resorted to faux! :)

Masking and punches

Stamping, layering, direct to paper... "saucy but nice".

I also took along lots of the LIM cards that I have done over the last few weeks.

tc Sue xx


themessycraftroom said...

Suzi like all the card, but especially the first one. Always been heavily into sewing.Hugs x ChrisB

Nigel said...

Interesting cards, and an unusual take on 'white space'. I've just found out about the challenge and at the moment haven't got a scoobie..

Aquarius said...

Three great ideas to inspire people to think about white space - even if it is pink space!! The first card I did for LIM was black but it did have empty space - a challenging concept though. Great rainbow picture.