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Friday, 18 June 2010

My paintings?... I wish

I've just got back from having a few days with my sister,Anne who lives in a place called Warsop which is  in Nottinghamshire.
 Anne is a self taught artist and paints and draws in many different mediums.  Here are a couple of her watercolours

This is Snowdonia in North Wales one of her favourite places.

This is a sea scape ( noo really..)
No particular place.

I took a load of my crafty stash along to Anne's to give her an idea of what I get up to.  She wasn't all that keen until we spent an afternoon playing with my stash. we "played" with a canvas, each doing our own thing using acrylic paints, baby wipes and rubber stamps etc. We had fun, Anne was amazed at how the time flew..  I was supposed to be cooking chicken tikka but at 7.30pm we were still "playing" so we had a snack! and carried on!

To my surprise when we were out the next day in Derby with my other sister, Eileen, Anne bought some rubber stamps!!!.... to use on her "in progress" canvas. She had reached am impasse with her canvass then she spotted just the image she wanted on a craft store in the market...a fairy silhouette stamp set.

 My canvas .. was gessoed over.. nuff said! I hope to get you a photo of Anne's asap.

tc xx Sue xx


Wali ap Hugh said...

The paintings are great .. mind you saying Snowdownia is in North Wales is like saying New York is in America :o)


Aquarius said...

Lovely paintings but what a shame you gessoed over your canvas which you did - I'm sure it was absolutely fine!! It sounds as if you had a good break anyway.

BeeBeebabs said...

Love your paintings tfs