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Monday, 17 May 2010


I've been a bit of lazy blogger! the last couple of days not writing up my last two posts but this morning I took delivery of an Acer Aspire Notebook... so I just had to have a play!! So you my lovely Blogger pals ( I'm so glad you're there) are the first to benefit from my new toy.
 It means I can take it to my local craft shop The Cubby Hole, where another Sue is willing to teach me how to use Photoshop!! how cool is that! in return I will teach Sue how to crochet using patterns in other words
 how to read crochet patterns. I taught myself how to crochet in the late 60's using a Patons, How to Crochet Book consequently  I can only crochet using patterns unlike most people , so I'm told, who  were taught how to make crochet squares. I can't do that I need a pattern! My favourite was to crochet fine cotton borders onto damask tablclothes etc.
  So now I've bored you half to death!!  but  I've enjoyed playing with my new toy! and what's better  I'll soon be playing with new stamps. I must have me breakfast first ooh I think it might be brunch, I've been too engrossed to eat breakfast.....mind you that won't hurt since retiring I've piled on the pounds!!

xx Sue xx

ps No idea how I ended up with italic I's


Wali ap Hugh said...

That's a damn fine machine you have there ... I'm so glad I took your advice and implored you to buy it


Aquarius said...

I seem to remember that same crochet book was my learning tool years ago too. I can follow patterns but occasionally work 'freehand' as it were. Good luck with Photoshop - a steep learning curve.

craftimamma said...

Together with Aquarius that makes us a trio then 'cos I'm sure I taught myself with the same book. I had asked my Grandmother to teach me as she was an expert but she just couldn't go slow enough for me to follow, Lol!

Did either of you ever make crochet mini dresses when they were all the rage first time round???

Lesley Xx

*** Suzy B *** said...

yes Lesley I did!!! I started off making clothes especially for my daughter. I remember making her a purple trouser suit in a couple of days so she could wear it to a party! She was 5. lol I also remember teaching a neighbour who's husband was not happy cos she spent all her time doing the crochet .. wink wink!

love Sue xx

ps. boo hoo bad news about the netbook I can't put photoshop on it so it has to go back. Joe feels bad cos he sent me the link after he'd given it the once over and thought it was just right... & he a PC expert!

Wali ap Hugh said...

What do you mean you can't put Photoshop on it? .. I'll be home just now to flash your machine

*** Suzy B *** said...

Joe... I knew you could do it!!... lol

*** Suzy B *** said...

Oh wow! Joe sorted it!... photoshop on netbook... hoooray!! he can be awesome!