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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Art Journal...

This is the first page ,well second actually of my first art journal. after it was painted  etc I was at a loss what to do with it so it got left alone. Then a couple of Saturdays ago I attended the second  art journal workshop at the Cubby Hole with Sarah Anderson. The workshop was all about techniques for adding colour. This page was my wax resist page.  I drew flowers in purple, yellow and black in crayon and put colour over the top... I hated it!!! . I can't draw for toffee, thats why I LOVE stamping so this page was left to lanquish ... again!

Today Ive had a new bed in my " making room "( nooo not for me to rest on, although at  times that seems like a good idea,) but  for my guests. My "making room" is also my spare room. You can imagine I had quite a bit of tidying and sorting to do to take out the old bed    ( which was absolutely covered in craft stuff) to make room for the new bed.  whilst I was moving things around I came accross a big flower stamp and the idea for  the above came to mind!

I have not covered the crayon flowers completely, if you look close you can just see them peeping from behind the black flowers and also through the black ink... I quite like that. I wanted to be reminded  of why the page ended up the way it did. The journalling, is it one L or two? ( well a few words) was computer generated. It says ,where there's a will there's a way.

xx Sue B xx


Aquarius said...

That is looking good - these things usually do in the end even if it is a long journey. I'm glad I'm not the only one who 'comes across' things when tidying!! I too have a bed buried under piles of boxes of papers, ink pads, ribbons etc etc but luckily no one comes to stay.

craftimamma said...

That's turned out beautifully Sue. Just shows what good things can be made of a 'sow's ear' if you leave them alone for a bit.

Lesley Xx

Nigel said...

Nice page, I wonder what you'll get up to next?