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Saturday, 28 November 2009

To brighten the day

My Mojo's gone!!!!.. so changed the background put an old card (not a card yet actually). on the blog in the hopes that  some inspiration might follow... I have so many cards to do!... Christmas cards not started yet, birthday cards half done,.. boo hoo Christmas shopping not started yet! boo hoo again. Normally by now I'm well on my way with lists coming out of my ears & gifts hidden away... wrapped & everthing!... No lists , no plans
 no NOTHIN !! boo hoo hoo. 
Maybe its because I have no work/time pressures any more & I've become lazy! lol

 Not really feeling sorry for my self  just need to get me finger out!

 Love n' hugs
 Suzy B x

I've altered the text colour now I can't put it back!! boo (B) hoo!!


Aquarius said...

Love this card and the new background is cheery too. You will catch up in due course - I always do!!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Well, it's a lovely card! Love that background and the lovely collage-y effect.

Maybe your mojo's doing your Christmas shopping for you? What do you think? hey, wouldn't that be great! lol ;o)

Chris xx

craftimamma said...

I like this card too. It's lovely. Your post certainly struck a cord with me, especially the bit about not having any work/time pressures any more being the problem.

I am the least organised I have ever been and I retired in May. I said the other day that I ought to go back to work as I seemed to have more spare time then. Weird isn't it?

Lesley Xx