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Monday, 12 October 2009

Inspiration from Handmade Decorative Books by Sue Roddis

I had to wing it a bit cos I didn't have the same card, inks rubber stamp etc. but I did  enjoy the process of messing about with different inks & card till I came up with some thing I liked! (oooer how did "liked" go like that? was it something I did.. must've bin but no idea what. lol
I used Lavinia dandilion stamp stamped onto a background of white cardstock which had been splodged with die inks, spritzed with water & when dry spritzed with Glimmer mist.


Susan said...

Love 'em!
Especially the colours!

Jo said...

This is a gorgeous stamp and I can't understand how I've resisted buying it so many times.
Oh and by the way, I do what you did with your 'I liked' so many times and it drives me mad. It just happens when you hit 'ctrl' instead of (or as well as, in this case) 'shift' with the 'i' so instead of just getting a capital 'I' you get italics. Bloomin' keyboards!
Great to meet you at the weekend. Hope to bump into you again. At Graphicus would be nice...well, why not?

Nigel said...

You're not supposed to make stuff you like! Good grief, you'll be enjoying yourself next ;)

ScrappySuzanne said...

Gorgeous ...... see you soon! You booked on journal workshop?

craftimamma said...

I agree with Jo, this is a gorgeous stamp and you've done a beautiful job with it too.

Love the colours!

Lesley Xx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Suzy! Just had a lovely browse through your blog, and there are some gorgeous cards on here! Glad I came! :o)

And of course, I am THRILLED you would like to buy one of my Wedding Stationery CDs for my charity project! Thank you very much.. It's very encouraging.. I feel I am making real progress towards my target now! :o)

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When you have made your donation, please email me at, and let me have your address to send the CD to.

Simples! :o)

Thanks again, Suzy.. and for putting up a link on your sidebar, too! Bless you! :o)

BIG hugs,
Chris xx

Christine (Craftling) said...

P.S. Totally in awe of your gorgeous blog background! Love those roses!