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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Word Book" for Desi

My friend Desi loves these word book type cards ..I have done several for her in the past. This is for a colleague of hers who is soon to have a significant birthday.  I only blog the odd one.. but thought I'd share this one cos I've not done much crafting lately... don't want you to get bored! :o)

Close up of the garden charms. This lady likes gardening, travelling and surfing amongst lots of other things. I couldn't fit all of em in!

This is a glassine envelope ...had it for years! one or two actually, with bits and pieces denoting some of the ladies interests.
 The word books and papers are printed from the Funky Hand  Paper Craft Factory, Craft The Year Away
The "D" page where Desi can personalise it

And guess what this is a surf board! on the reverse of the "F" page. There's also more space for a personal message on the reverse of the last page.

Enjoy your week, take care xxSuzi Bxx


Aquarius said...

Thanks for sharing that brilliant word book - something I rarely make although I should I reckon as they are great to personalise a special occasion 'card'. That is one gorgeous cat!!

Fliss said...

This looks beautiful Sue, a real work of art which must have taken ages.
Love your new header too - so cute!
Hugs, Fliss xx

craftimamma said...

Oh this is lovely Sue and so personal. A lot of work too I bet. I'm sure your friend and the eventual recipient will love it - what's not to!

Lesley Xx