Followers.... thank you xx

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Hello and welcome Ive not got any cards to show you today nor will there be any for sometime.. due to my imminent house move. This is what my craft room looks like.

My new home needs much updating so Ive no idea when Ill be able to resume my craft. I'm hoping to be able to set something up ASAP after I'm in the new home otherwise Ill go bonkers!
I want to start an art journal and finish my Steampunk journal.
In fact my head is quite buzzing with ideas and its quite frustrating not being able to craft!!
My provisional exchange date is 7th March but of course this could change ..... and the only room Ive started is the one above!! Gosh I have so much stuff.. I have manage to off load an enormous amount of stash...whew!
Hope you're all well and not suffering too much from the wet and miserable weather. I hope to see you soon.
Suzi B xx