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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Spotty Flowers

I've been having a play this afternoon, whilst the holiday clothes are drying on the line... We had a great few days and the weather was sunny .. no rain untill the journey home! and the holiday traffic was going in the other direction so no traffic hold ups..

This is a simple birthday card using Artemio clear stamps and Adirondacks watermelon and clover ink pad, with a bird charm from Ebay and thats all    :-)

xx Sue B xx 

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A few days away

Hope you've all enjoyed the amazing weather we've experienced over the last few days... I have. My sister & brother-in law stayed the W/E, BBQ, meals in the garden, star gazing, trips to the garden centre, big cream bun! & red wine!

 Yesterday I went out with my friend Maureen... shopping. Bought a big photo canvass for the bathroom... its going back! it looks awful....  big mistake, don't know what I was thinking, apart from thre fact that I've been looking for something for quite some time.

Tomorrow Joe & I are off to Pembrokeshire for a few days. just cos we've never been there, going to explore the area, eat drink and be merry. 
The downside of the trip, I will miss a metal book workshop at the Cubby Hole  :-(   but Joe booked this trip as a surprise . Have a great time at the workshop guys.. I look forward to seing all your projects... enjoy!

xx Sue B xx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Whew! Just in time .. it's her B/D tomorrow!

need to dash to the hair dressers... see you later. Sue xx

Later..    :-)

This is a card for my daughter Leesia, she loves fairies, moonlight and unicorns... has done since she was a little girl, fairies at least. She has a son of 16yrs now.. so as not to give her age away completely and mine for that matter lol.

This card took forever I'm going to give her  all the other attempts.. I'm not that good using a brayer but I really wanted to try and achieve a night time misty scene.  There are lots of things I don't like about the image.. but It's the nearest I got.    I was nearly pulling me hair out and buying a card!!!
 It highlighted that I need many more ink pads... I was restricted with my choices..I became quite inventive.

Stamps used;  Lavinia and Clarity.
Inkpads:  Adirondacks rainbow & plain, Memories, Distress, Big & Juicy
Charm Ebay

 Off to Leesia's now ... with card and gift.

xx Sue xx

Monday, 17 May 2010


I've been a bit of lazy blogger! the last couple of days not writing up my last two posts but this morning I took delivery of an Acer Aspire Notebook... so I just had to have a play!! So you my lovely Blogger pals ( I'm so glad you're there) are the first to benefit from my new toy.
 It means I can take it to my local craft shop The Cubby Hole, where another Sue is willing to teach me how to use Photoshop!! how cool is that! in return I will teach Sue how to crochet using patterns in other words
 how to read crochet patterns. I taught myself how to crochet in the late 60's using a Patons, How to Crochet Book consequently  I can only crochet using patterns unlike most people , so I'm told, who  were taught how to make crochet squares. I can't do that I need a pattern! My favourite was to crochet fine cotton borders onto damask tablclothes etc.
  So now I've bored you half to death!!  but  I've enjoyed playing with my new toy! and what's better  I'll soon be playing with new stamps. I must have me breakfast first ooh I think it might be brunch, I've been too engrossed to eat breakfast.....mind you that won't hurt since retiring I've piled on the pounds!!

xx Sue xx

ps No idea how I ended up with italic I's

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Pink Lady

I have a few birthday cards to make in May... this is the first! I  will  fill in the details later (tomorrow probably) when I have more time.

xx Sue B xx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Art Journal... before and after!


The finished page... It just " growed "


The before page... had no idea what to do with it!.. hence it just "growed"! Didn't like it iether wasn't what I had in mind.. still learning !
xxSue Bxx